Manche autocars : Travel with luxury coaches in France and Europe

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The story of Manche Autocars Company

Started on the 2nd of April 1984, the company founded by Mr & Mrs Marguerite Michel, only operated two regular services.

From 1985, Mr & Mrs Marguerite decided to specialize in organized tours and bought their first luxury coach, then developed school transports.

In 1989, building of a garage for maintenance services.

Then the seriousness, the competence of the team as well as the comfort of their coaches permitted to the company to develop up to 18 coaches.

In April 1991, Manche Autocars became a limited liability company, in 1999 their son, Christian joined them. Now, the company claims more than ever a family spirit.

From now on, about 10 school coaches serve the surroundings of Saint-Lô.

With 7 luxury coaches, from 25 to 61 seats, the company has really suitable equipment to roam Western Europe or more modestly little trips.

All these coaches are very recent and own from 1 to 3 stars, with UCAT certificates.

Present since 1984, Manche Autocars will go on serving you more than ever with the same professionalism which made its success up to now.